6 Figure Memo

A Real life case study & blueprint.

Jeremy Kennedy here.

Jeremy Kennedy

I’m writing to you from North Central Arkansas.
I live in the country about 8 miles outside of town.

There are cow pastures on 3 sides of my house.
( I don’t raise cows).

Here’s a picture I took from my front porch this morning...
It’s what I’m looking at right now as I write you this letter.

Cows in my side yard

I have super slow satellite internet because cable doesn’t run to my house.

A wife who stays with me at home
and two sons ages 5 & 3.

I drive a pimpin’ mini-van.
Complete with dual sliding doors for
dropping the kid off at kindergarten.

They always ask if the door opens
and closes automatically.
Yes. It does.


I want to share with you exact processes
that lead me to generate over $367,709.41
online with just my laptop and a few basic,
inexpensive and simple to use applications.

Here are the full stats from only my Warrior Plus
account and my two JVZoo accounts.


Warrior Plus - All Time Vendor Sales: $143,459.07


Warrior Plus - All Time Affiliate Sales: $36,801.57


JVZoo Account 1 - All Time Affiliate Sales: $23,890.74

JVZoo Account 1 - All Time Vendor Sales: $23,124.41


JVZoo Account 2 - All Time Affiliate Sales: $3,922.78


JVZoo Account 2 - All Time Vendor Sales: $136,510.84


Add it all up:

$ 143,459.07
+ 36,801.57
+ 23,890.74
+ 23,124.41
+ 3,922.78
= $367,709.41

These are my Real accounts.
And that’s just on WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

I didn’t even show you the $2,500+ a month
recurring I have built up as well.

This has allowed me to travel all over and
meet with some of the top marketers
and entrepreneurs in the world.

You might recognize these two guys..
(Me), Saul Maraney and James Renouf.

jeremy kennedy james renouf saul maraney

James basically helped me get a start in this biz
and we still do a lot of business together as do I with Saul also.

We were hanging out at the Warrior Event this past September in Raleigh, NC. James lives there in Raleigh. Saul flew out all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

It was amazing.

And.. You may have heard of WarriorPlus.com
(hint, my buy button below is hosted there)

Well, here’s Mike Lantz, he is the founder & CEO.

I’ve actually met him multiple times.
Really good guy.

And then there is Matt Bacak.

matt bacak

Matt looks like an ordinary guy
who happens to be an IM legend
and business investor from the beginning of time
who (humbly) eats a Million dollars for breakfast.

This guy is an absolute machine.

Just by meeting him a couple times I’ve learned
many invaluable lessons.

He once said something that kinda stuck with me.

He said he writes a lot of his ideas on a napkin.

That’s how far away a six figure,
or a million or a billion dollar idea is.

And now I’m handing you a digital Memo,
written on an Evernote. With gold on it.

I owe meeting these wonderful people and many more
to one very simple and repeatable process.


It is a very simple 3 part business.

Part 1: Create & sell simple “how to” guides.
Part 2: Add the customers to my email list.
Part 3: Review affiliate products for my customer list.

It’s as Easy as that.

EVERYONE tries to overcomplicate it.

The Truth is, the more simple you keep it
the more money you’ll make with it.

You have the power right now
to begin Earning money online
with digital & affiliate products.

You have the power right now
to completely change your life forever.

I’d love to show you step-by-step
exactly how to do it.

With my guidance, you could
start earning your First Real revenue
within 3 weeks or less. (even within a week if you hustle)

Over the next few months your
profit could double monthly.
I’ve seen it happen before.

Inside you’ll learn:

  1. Most Asked Question Answered:
    How to Instantly know the Perfect niche for You.
    Know for certain and Never have to guess again.

  2. How to whip up simple “How-To” manuals
    that sell like Hot cakes in your target market.
    (even if you’ve Never done it before)

  3. How to get floods of Free hungry traffic to your offers.
    The traffic source I use 95% of the time for fresh blood.
    Plus an untapped source of hyper engaged buyers.

  4. The NASCAR Pit Stop Quick guide to the technical stuff.

  5. The Email Marketers Golden Rule Book.
    Follow these 5 simple rules & WIN with email marketing.
    (yes it’s this simple)

  6. My $60,000 Affiliate marketing Case Study.
    The REAL way to sell affiliate products via email.
    (even if you’ve never written an email before)

  7. The Easy way to Recurring Revenue
    When your incoming monthly payments
    start building up.. things get fun.

And It doesn’t stop there.

I want to make something very clear.

What you are getting access to
is the exact process and business map
that I’ve used for the past few years to
generate a full time income online.

Anyone with a computer, an
internet connection, a willingness
to learn and the drive to earn Can succeed.

If you've been going from shiny object to shiny object
and are struggling to make a living online... this is a MUST have.





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